Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2HB
Telephone/Fax: 01663 742357 E.mail: office@hayfield.derbyshire.sch.uk
Good AŌernoon Everyone
Just a short newsleƩer to ensure we share with you things you need to know before the holiday. One of these
is World Book Day, which we are going to celebrate this year by everyone dressing up as book characters.
Please see details below. Also, please see informaƟon sheet from our Emergency School Closure Policy (full
version on the website). Thank you for toleraƟng the late opening of school on Monday. Closure is always a
last resort but I know that late opening can cause problems for parents, so we won’t do this unless it’s
absolutely necessary.
It has been MulƟ-Faith Week in school this week. As well as learning all about the six main religions of the
world, children have been thinking about peace and harmony and how to make the world a beƩer place.
Every child has produced their own ‘peace flag’ to create a whole school bunƟng that will be put up in the hall
during the first week back aŌer half term. Pop in to see it when you have a minute anyƟme aŌer the 2nd
We are looking forward to this aŌernoon’s assembly to see the culminaƟon of KS2 children’s work on mulƟ-
cultural dance with teacher Laura Kendall. Look out for photos on Facebook and in the first newsleƩer when
we get back to school aŌer the holiday. Thank you, Laura, the children have really enjoyed this work! Also
during assembly, we will be congratulaƟng Zak Kelly on his fantasƟc achievement - he has only gone and
qualified to play cricket for the Derbyshire Under 10s!! CongratulaƟons, Zak, your hard work, commitment
and resilience got you there - well done, you deserve it!
I’ve like to thank our Churches Together for very kindly providing refreshments at our parents’ evenings this
week and raising, with your support, £41.83. Thank you to all parents who aƩended the evenings—I do hope
you got out of your session what you wanted. There are sƟll a few parents who, for one reason or another,
didn’t manage to see their child’s teacher. If the teacher hasn’t managed to make contact with you, could I
please ask that you make an appointment when you can? By working together, we can help every child make
the progress of which they are capable. PLEASE ensure that your child completes their homework, and please
also encourage him/her to use MathleƟcs. We are noƟcing that children’s mental maths and arithmeƟc skills
are really sharpening up. Some of this will be due to our focus on daily arithmeƟc but we are sure that those
who regularly use MathleƟcs have made the best progress, so please get your children on it! Thank you.
Have a great half term break, everyone. Let’s hope we all come back feeling healthier and refreshed!
Website updated: www.hayfieldprimaryschool.org.uk
ECO News
Thank you so much for collecting ‘sweet biscuit wrappers’. We have sent them to
McVities today, with help from Sustainable Hayfield’s Lesley German.
Please keep collecting! We are going to put a collection point in the dining hall after half
term for children on sandwiches to put in their biscuit wrappers, rather than taking them
home. This way, you will know they ate their biscuits AND recycled their wrappers!
NEXT: we will be collecting baby food pouches, such as Ella’s Kitchen. Please send yours
into school. Many thanks.
Emergency School Closure
due to snow (or other hazardous
InformaƟon for Parents & Carers
We will noƟfy you by:
sending you a text through Teachers2Parents
puƫng an announcement on the school website
announcing closure on our Facebook Page
announcing closure on High Peak Radio and Peak FM Radio
a phone call if the internet fails
If we know well in advance, we will noƟfy you the evening before.
We will always try to noƟfy you as early in the morning as possible - by
8am at the latest, unless there is an emergency that forces us to close
aŌer this Ɵme.
Occasionally, we may need to delay the school opening Ɵme, e.g.
because poor weather slows/prevents staff who live outside the village
from geƫng in on Ɵme. In this instance, we will noƟfy you by text
message with the Ɵme we are opening, and we will ensure the safety of
your children by providing a crossing patrol at this later Ɵme. As long as
it is safe to do so, local staff will arrive at school at the normal Ɵme, so
you will be able to talk to someone should you have any queries or
If the school needs to close early, we will contact you and ask you to
collect your child as soon as possible, or at a specified Ɵme. If you
cannot get to school at the requested Ɵme, don’t worry, we will ensure
that your child is taken care of unƟl you can get there.