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Good AŌernoon Everyone
What a lovely couple of weeks we have had here in school. Y3 learned all about the Stone Age in Eccleshall
Woods last week and, with Year 5, have been singing like angels with Mrs Keeling, Ed Simpson and their Kinder
Choir teacher, Katherine Nally - geƫng ready for the concert on Saturday 3rd March (Y3/5 parents: please send
slips back ASAP confirming your child’s aƩendance - or drop us an email; thanks). Year 4 played their brass
instruments beauƟfully to their parents at their mid-year Wider OpportuniƟes concert last week, and this week
they have been having fun in the woods with Mrs McErlean. On this subject, may I remind you that Y4 children
need to have suitable clothing for woodland learning in school EVERY Wednesday – 3 of them forgot to bring
warm clothing and wellies this week, so couldn’t take part in the acƟviƟes. Mrs McErlean is asking all parents: if
you have any old, warm clothing (fleeces, tracksuit boƩoms etc) to fit children aged 6 – 12, please send into
school. She will be very grateful.
All the children had fun and games on Friday when they arrived to school in their own clothes and enjoyed
their chocolate-themed maths lessons – it’s amazing how much more engaging fracƟons work is when it involves
chocolate! I especially enjoyed watching Y2 developing their thinking and reasoning skills as they tried to work
out why a number of the same boxes of assorted chocolates, with the same overall weight, contained different
numbers of the same chocolates! Tricky, but they got there in the end!
On Tuesday, Mr Hall kicked off the day with an Internet Safety assembly, and yesterday, we all thoroughly
enjoyed watching children performing again, for the whole school and their parents, the dance rouƟnes they
performed at the New Mills Dance FesƟval two weeks ago. It was wonderful to see these children, who had
created and choreographed their own dance moves only a week or two before the fesƟval, perform with such
confidence and enjoyment. Growing skills, resilience, bravery and teamwork abounded, with much fun along
the way! Well done, children, and keep dancing! And a big thank you to Mrs Mills for making this happen.
Quick reminder: please come and support the PTA and your school this evening - and enjoy the chocolate!
Website updated: www.hayfieldprimaryschool.org.uk
A huge congratulations to Zak Kelly for earning his MATHLETICS GOLD CERTIFICATE! Well
done, Zak, I know you love Mathletics, and it is helping you to be brilliant at arithmetic!
We are currently tracking children’s use of Mathletics. It is a programme that you have helped
pay for, and we know regular use makes a difference to children’s progress, confidence and
enjoyment of maths, so please encourage them to access it at home - at least weekly!
School Video
I’m sure many of you have seen the video showcasing our school made by two of our budding
filmmakers, Zara Kelly and Caitlin Creed. These girls spend hours and hours filming footage,
choosing what to keep and what to disregard, finding music, linking it all together - all without
adult guidance or support. I think they did very well indeed and deserve some recognition. A
huge well done, and thank you, to Zara and Caitlin,
http://www.hayfieldprimaryschool.org.uk or https://youtu.be/2TRPHBx87rE