Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2HB
Telephone/Fax: 01663 742357 E.mail: office@hayfield.derbyshire.sch.uk
Good morning Everyone
By now, you will have received two important leƩers from me—one about school budgets and the other
about me leaving Hayfield at the end of this academic year.
I am so privileged to have been the headteacher at this school for so long. I have absolutely loved working
with your children, yourselves, my governors and my fantasƟc staff on making this school the warm, friendly,
vibrant learning community that it is. Hayfield Primary is my second home, so I’m going to miss it! But the
Ɵme has come for me to step aside and make way for someone new, someone with fresh ideas and the ca-
pacity to lead the school onwards on its journey to excellence. Governors will ensure that this is someone
with the energy, drive and enthusiasm to face the challenges we all face today in educaƟon, someone that is
posiƟve about the future and will maintain the wonderful, caring ethos we have in our school today.
I am not leaving to pursue another career and I’m not going to another school. I simply need some Ɵme out
to spend with my family and give them all the much-deserved aƩenƟon that has been somewhat lacking if I’m
honest! My husband, who has been incredibly supporƟve of my job and the demands it places on me, said,
“It’ll be great to have my wife back.” And that about sums it up for me. Health and family are so very im-
portant and it’s Ɵme for me to redress the balance. I hope to conƟnue in educaƟon in some way but I’m not
thinking about that yet. For the next eight months, my aƩenƟon and focus will be on Hayfield and ensuring
that your children are happy, safe and learning to the best of their ability.
The aspect of my job that I won’t miss at all is managing the budget. Lack of funding has been the main
frustraƟon for me at work this year. AŌer years of no investment in educaƟon and real term budget cuts,
schools and local authoriƟes are seriously feeling the pinch. Our school budget is well-managed; there just
simply isn’t enough money in the pot. There is rarely a day that goes by now that the word ‘funds’ (or lack of)
doesn’t enter our conversaƟons in the school office. This is not why I became a headteacher. I will always
fight for money to ensure that the individual needs of our pupils are met but it is becoming increasingly
challenging to do so. We will conƟnue to look for grants and funding schemes to fund our ICT and grounds
maintenance and development projects. Our PTA will keep working hard, with your help, to make money to
spend on the things you believe will enhance the children’s Ɵme in school. But, ulƟmately, we need the
government to put more money into schools. Please look at the leƩer I sent to you, which schools across the
country are sending out to their parents, and write to JusƟne Greening. I’m sure a flood of leƩers from
schools and parents will have an impact. We have to stand up and shout out about it, and make ourselves
Many thanks.
Quick update on what’s been happening this week: the children have been carrying out end-of-term
assessments, so that we can look at where the gaps in learning are and address them as promptly as we can.
But it hasn’t all been about tests. Children have also been singing, learning lines, rehearsing and cooking, and
generally preparing for Christmas!
Christmas Cracker 2017 - it's a wrap!
The snow may be forecast a week too late, but
the Christmas Cracker was a very fesƟve affair.
The PTA wants to say a massive thank you to its
supporters, whether they helped plan and
prepare, took bookings, went shopping, baked,
helped get ready, acted as elves, kept hungry
shoppers supplied with great food or did the
Ɵdying up, all played an invaluable part in the
A special thank you must go to the *real* Santa
who had Ɵme to come to Hayfield, and was so
good with our children - what an absolute
If you came, enjoyed it and went home happy,
you played your part too - so thank you too.
We sƟll have some expenses to calculate, but will be able to share how much
you helped raise in our termly newsleƩer, due out in a couple of weeks.
For those who had their photo taken in the groƩo; these will be sent to parents
as soon as we get Ɵme; we're just catching up on our other
(neglected) responsibiliƟes.
If you baked a cake, please remember to collect your container from under-
neath the blue community informaƟon table in the entrance hall.
We sƟll have three abandoned groƩo giŌs - check out the facebook event page
to see if your child leŌ one at the event, and let us know!
Season's GreeƟngs everyone!
Your PTA team
Free School Meals
Could your children be enƟtled to free school meals? If you are on the following benefits you will be able to
claim a meal for your children:
Income support
Income based Job Seekers Allowance or an Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
Child Tax Credit Only (with a family income of less than £16,190)
NaƟonal Asylum Seekers Support
Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit
Employment and Support Allowance
This applies to parents of infant children too. Even though you are not currently paying for your child’s
meal, it is CRUCIAL that you apply so that school can get the £1300 to which we would be enƟtled to help
us support your child’s learning and progress.
Please note: You can’t get free school meals if you are claiming Working Tax Credit.
It’s very easy to apply at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals Or ask the school office for a form.
Scooter Safety
Some parents have raised a concern about children riding
their scooters around the village after dark, with no lights
and showing little awareness of the fact that they cannot be
seen, either by pedestrians or cars, until they are too close.
Please make sure that your child travels safely in the dark by
wearing fluorescent clothing, lighting their scooters and not
being out on their own.
Thank you.
Free School Meals
Did you know that if you apply for free school meals for your child and your applicaƟon is
successful, even if your circumstances change just ONE DAY aŌer, the school will be granted
£1,300 per year for the next SIX YEARS (this is called the Ever Six) to ensure that your childs
needs are being fully met in school?
PLEASE make sure that if you qualify for FSM that you get what you are enƟtled to! You
benefit, your child benefits and the school benefit - everyone a winner!
See below...