Year 5 Class - Denise Horton

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5. We are part of the Upper Junior team. The classes on our corridor work hard to ensure we are the very best we can be. This applies to both our learning and our behaviour. We learn to be more independent, resilient, and responsible.

Our class country is Canada; throughout the year we learn about the natural environment, the people, the history, the food and culture. We have cookery days and quilting lessons already planned in for the year.

In English we continue to develop our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to a much deeper level in preparation for the rigours of Year 6. In Maths we consolidate the learning we have covered previously and then deepen our understanding by applying our skills and using them to reason and problem solve. In Science we cover biology, studying living things, habitats and life-cycles; the chemistry of material properties and changes; the physics of forces and Earth and space. In Geography we learn about mountains, fjords and different climate zones. In History we find out about Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Ancient civilizations.

September 2018 Newsletter

Thursday 6thSeptember 2018

Dear Parents,

It’s been lovely to see everybody after the long break and hear all about the fun they have had over summer. I have enjoyed watching your children grow as they have moved through primary school and I am looking forward to helping them progress in Year 5 and get ready for the final step in this part of their educational journey. I am very keen to ensure that the children understand the expectations for both their learning and behaviour now that they have reached upper Key Stage 2; everyone has signed a class contract that reflects the increased responsibility, independence and hard work required.

Teaching arrangements this year are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday – Mrs Horton

Wednesday afternoon – Preparation, Planning and Assessment cover

(this will be provided by different staff, leading different activities throughout the year)



Fiction: Fantasy / Narrative with a different setting

Year 5 Spring 2018 Newsletter

5th January 2018

 Dear Year 5 Parents,

 Welcome back! I hope you have all had a great break over Christmas and that the children have returned refreshed and ready to work hard.

 For your information, PE/Games this term will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit and trainers in school at all times.


 Homework will remain the same as last term.

 Spellings: the children should continue to follow the schedule of spellings sent home last term. In some cases, I have sent home duplicates of this, but if your child has lost their copy, please could they ask me for another. The week shown at the top of each list is the week in which they should be learned for a test the following week.

 Grammar: each week, there will be a sheet of mixed grammar and spelling questions. These will relate to the year 5 English Grammar curriculum objectives.

Start of year 5 newsletter

Dear Year 5 Parents,


Welcome back to our new school year. I hope you and the children have enjoyed a great summer break.  I am excited to be beginning work with the children and this is going to be a busy term.


Inevitably, as your children step up into upper KS2, there will be also be a step up in pace and expectations. Please let me assure you from the outset that I am available to have a chat if you feel that your child is struggling with this. The more I know about your children, the better I can support them, so do come and see me. In addition, there will be a parents’ evening later in the term, at which we can discuss any concerns you may have.  


We are starting the year with some work on British Values and I will be challenging the children’s thinking about the meaning of the word British. Please do have discussions about this at home and ask the children about our ideas in class. It should be a thought-provoking and interesting topic.

Bikeability 2017

Year 5 had a fantastic week with the Bikeability team improving their skills and then learning to be safe on the roads. Year 5 would like to say a massive thank you to the Bikeability team.


PEGS concert 2017

On Monday afternoon, Year 5 took part in a PEGS musical revue at New Mills Art Theatre. They performed two songs beautifully accompanied by Ed Simpson. Then despite the hot climatic conditions, they sat respectfully throughout the rest of the cluster’s repertoire.

Take One Picture

Year 5 had a very fun and busy morning, learning new art skills as part of this year’s project based on the painting ‘Penelope with Suitors’ created by Pintoricchio in 1509.

The children had the opportunity to have a go at French knitting and weaving as well as building a class picture of the Tudor style ship central to the painting.






Termly Letter

Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

                                      Welcome to your last term! We hope you all had an enjoyable break and are suitably rested. As before, in our letter we will outline the main topics being covered this term.

English: We are going to become journalists, writing newspaper reports focusing on the use of direct and indirect speech with Ms Grove. Mrs Goddard is writing fantasy stories focusing on adverbials and varying the position of subordinating conjunctions within a sentence. The quality of the children’s writing has really improved over the course of the year – Well done Year 5 and keep up the good work!

Maths:  We will continue following the White Rose scheme which this term focuses on multiplication skills and geometry. Please continue keep helping your child to learn their times tables if they have not completed their times tables challenge- it will greatly help your child next year. Just to remind you ‘squeeble’ is a great resource that will work on any tablet or PC 

Year 5 Science

How to clean up an oil spill

Recently an exciting day was had by all the 'scientists' in Year 5.

We recreated the Exxon Valdez disaster, which happened in Alasksa in 1989. It was one of the largest oil spills ever - an estimated 30-41 million litres of oil spilled. An aea of coastline 2,100 km long was affected. The disaster damaged animals and plants for a very long time.

We poured oil mixed with food colouring in to a container of water, so it looked like an oil spill in the sea.

Then we used different materials to try and seperate the oil from the water.