Year 4 Class - Karen Grove / Samantha Goddard

Ancient Greek Artefacts.

We have been archaeologists for the day! We have been digging up Greek artefacts and finding out about what we can learn from them. We have asked ourselves the following questions:

1) What are they made from?

2) What do we think it is?

3) What does it tell you about Ancient Greece?


Hello All,

As you maybe aware I have shared a photo of myself on Facebook! This photo is to demonstrate the importance of E-Safety and is to make children realise the impact of putting things on the internet. It is important that your child is not completely discouraged by putting things online and rather they are made aware of the implications it could have. It would be useful if you could have a chat with your child about the internet and we will obviously be following this up in class later this week.

Take care and have a nice week! Please share my photo if you see it!


Mr H.


Hello everyone!

I hope you like the brand new year 4 home page? You will have to be patient with me as I work out how to use it but I'm sure I will work it out as soon as possible. Sadly, we are coming to the end of the year and it has been absolutely fantastic teaching all of your children! I am confident that they will all fulfil their potential and have a great year next year.

Can I take this opportunity to remind everyone that homework has to be handed in on a Thursday. It will be marked on Thursday night and handed back on Friday ready for them to complete the following week's homework. I apologise for the inconsistency this year with homework matters but as I am sure you will appreciate this is something that I am trying to find the best system for. Once again please, please, PLEASE do not hesitate to come and see me if there are any worries, issues or concerns.


Mr Hall