Year 4 Class - Karen Grove / Samantha Goddard

Suspicious happenings!

According to Roald Dahl witches often disguise themselves as normal women. They do, however, have blue spit and wear gloves to hide their claws. Of course this is a work of fiction. Or so we thought...

Stand by for our important news reports on the matter!

Test Week

I would just like to say a huge well done to all of Year 4 for their excellent efforts this week. These tests have not been easy but you have conducted yourselves extremely well and shown some brilliant knowledge. Well done Year 4, I'm very proud.

Mr Hall

Natural Art

We have been having great fun in Year 4! We have looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials to make sculptures so we've had a go ourselves! Take a look below!

Space Week!

What an absolutely fantastic week we've had in Year 4. I have been looking forward to this for a while as space is my favourite subject so I hope I have transferred some of my enthusiasm onto the children! We have learnt a lot and I do mean a lot! We started the week by looking at some of the planets in our solar system on the website We looked at the various temperatures and different sizes of the planets and then children made up some planets of their own. We compiled these into our own solar system!

After this, we got factual! We looked at all the planets within our Sun's gravity and we researched them all individually. The children did some wonderful drawings of the planets and presented the facts with enthusiasm and precision.

We also created some space based poems which was a lot of fun.

In addition to all of this, we carried out some drama, were involved with art and even began to design our own rocket. What a great week!

Mr Hall's Drama Club

Drama Club is still going very well and all children are really enjoying it. We are closing in on the performance date now so make sure your lines are learnt kids! Please come and see them in action if you can make it! Check the school diary for the date!

Mr H

Young Voices 2016

Young Voices 2016

On Wednesday 2nd March, 34 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 went to the Manchester Arena to participate in the 20th Young Voices concert. As in previous years, the behaviour of the children was fantastic and fun was had by all. The actual concert was amazing – highlights should now be available on You Tube- and the children (and adults) sang and danced their hearts out! Thanks to the PTA who made a donation towards the cost of the coach.

Greek Toga Day.

Well, what a thoroughly entertaining and educational day we've had in Year 4. We all turned up in our togas and everybody looked excellent (a big thank you to parents for helping their children) and we started the day with a Greek myth which all the children thoroughly enjoyed!

We then, all went into the spare classroom and tasted various Greek foods. We talked about why the Greeks would eat food like this and how their climate and the geography of their country made it easy for them to grow olives and figs.

There was a varied response to the taste of the food. Some children loved everything, others not so much. Then, Mrs Keeling tried an olive...


Closely followed by myself...

It was certainly an experience that we'll never forget!!


Maths isn't all about sitting down and copying endless reams of sums you know!? We've been making our own times tables games in Year 4!