Year 1 Class - Linda Barnard / Sian Pinkerton

Year 1 Measuring

Year 1 have been enjoying some practical measuring activities this week.  Yesterday we were measuring mass or weight and today we are measuring length.  The challenge will be how can we measure a wiggly line, rather than a straight line!

Year 1 Information for the forthcoming term

Welcome back.  We have a lot to cover before Easter this year!

English:      Our topic is Zoom to the Moon and will involve:

  • reading comprehension skills through class stories and group guided reading
  • writing skills in the form of a fantasy story and instructions 
  • daily phonics sessions
  • regular handwriting practice


Maths:            We are following the Derbyshire planning guide and will focus on:

  • solving one-step problems that involve addition and subtraction;
  • solving missing number problems;
  • compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and height, mass or weight, capacity/volume and time;
  • recognise and use language relating to dates;
  • recognise and name common 2-D and 3-D shapes;
  • describe position, direction and movement including whole, half and three-quarter turns.


Science:        Which materials would you use to build Rover?
Why does it get dark earlier in winter? (ongoing)  

History:         Why are Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong famous?

RE:                 How and why do we celebrate Easter?

Art:         Environmental Art (Mrs Keeling teaching) 

PSHE:       Relationships

Year 1 Sewing!

In Design and Technology this week Year 1 have been practising their sewing skills with Mrs Keeling so that they are ready to make their hand puppets next week.  Please keep practising at home!

Year 1 - Using Our Senses

Year 1 had a great time yesterday (Thursday) morning.  We took advantage of the sunshine to go outside and use our senses as a stimulus for some writing.  We also used magnifying glasses to take a closer look at things and did some sketching of the apple trees in winter.  To use our sense of taste we had to return to school and eat our fruit!


Year 1 Skipping Challenge

As part of our PSHE topic, Going for Goals, Year 1 have set themselves a challenge – for everyone in the class to learn to skip with a skipping rope!  We are ordering some class skipping ropes using some of the money the PTA have kindly given us this year.


This was our first attempt so we definitely need lots of practice.  Watch this space!


Year 1 Homework Challenges January 2016

There are six new challenges for this term – work can be handwritten or word processed, drawings, photographs, models can all be used and adult help is encouraged!  We will be sharing everyone’s work during week beginning Monday 8th February.


  1.  Design and make a winter scene in any  medium you like.


  1. Make something to eat that would be  good to take on a winter.  You can write the instructions, or show us some pictures or even bring something  in for us all to eat!


  1. Find out some facts about your favourite animals to share with the class.


  1. Build a house from sticks like one of  the three little pigs.  If you can’t bring it into school, bring a picture or photograph in and tell us how you made it.


  1. Design a flag for your family or our school or even Hayfield.


  1. Practise your word processing or drawing skills on the computer and bring it in to show us.



Have fun!


Not Such a Silent Night

Year 1 are looking forward to the first performance of their Christmas play tonight. The dress rehearsal for Not Such a Silent Night went very well yesterday, apart from a few problems with the music!  Hopefully this has all been sorted out now and all will go smoothly tonight.  There are still tickets available for tomorrow’s performance at 2.00pm – just pop a note in a postbag or pop into school.