Welcome to Reception Class!

September 18

A HUGE welcome to Reception Class. Thank you for choosing to send your child to Hayfield Primary. As always it is an exciting time of year getting to know your children and yourselves. We will meet soon to share about your child together. 

The early part of this term is all about spending time with your children, observing what interests them and doing snippets of assessments to check their knowledge of number and letters. Having said that, I have a long list of what your children have learned already – it’s no wonder we are all rather tired! Here are just a few things: learn which class group they are in, taking their coats off and learning where their coat pegs are, unpacking their book bags and learning where to store them, learning to sit in a big group on the carpet, remembering where their carpet place is, drinking their milk from a bottle, going to lunch and choosing their food, carrying their tray to their table. There are many more things which seem small to us but are HUGE things for your little ones. Many of these they will have done at nursery/pre-school. However in class there are many more children with two grown-ups to help them. They are already becoming more independent and enjoying new responsibilities. We are very proud of them. 

We have been focussing our days around your child and their interests – ALL ABOUT ME, reading about superheroes and about ourselves. In Science this term, Mrs Bennett will be focussing on ‘The Senses’. She always plans exciting lessons, which the children look forward to. We are then moving on to PIRATES – we will link their learning into this and have lots of fun together. We will certainly have a ‘Dress as a Pirate’ day later this term. You will always receive more detailed news in the weekly emails I send home. 

Before I finish, I must say that you have been great at getting your children ready for school. Do remember that INDEPENDENCE is the name of the game in Reception, so encourage your children to dress themselves, fasten their coats up and so on. It is certainly quicker to do it for them, but then they will only learn that you can do it rather than learn to do it themselves.

Mrs Horne