Start of year 5 newsletter

Dear Year 5 Parents,


Welcome back to our new school year. I hope you and the children have enjoyed a great summer break.  I am excited to be beginning work with the children and this is going to be a busy term.


Inevitably, as your children step up into upper KS2, there will be also be a step up in pace and expectations. Please let me assure you from the outset that I am available to have a chat if you feel that your child is struggling with this. The more I know about your children, the better I can support them, so do come and see me. In addition, there will be a parents’ evening later in the term, at which we can discuss any concerns you may have.  


We are starting the year with some work on British Values and I will be challenging the children’s thinking about the meaning of the word British. Please do have discussions about this at home and ask the children about our ideas in class. It should be a thought-provoking and interesting topic.


For your information, PE/Games this term will be on Monday and Friday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit and trainers in school at all times.




Homework this year will be slightly different, particularly in maths, and may still be subject to slight change as we go through the year. For now (and in common with other classes across the school), you should expect to see the following:


Spellings: I am sending home two pages of spellings which are grouped into weeks. These are all of the year 5 spellings for the Autumn term to Christmas. They are split into groups of 9 or 10. The week shown at the top of each list is the week in which they should be learned for a test the following week. Each week, please cut out the appropriate list and stick into the front of your child’s spelling book to be learned. The rest of the list could be kept clipped inside their homework book for safekeeping. In the last week of each half term, the test will be on the final day of term, rather than the following week. At the beginning of each half-term, there will be a quick test to review learning of the spellings from the previous term.


While children are learning their weekly spellings, please can they write a sentence in their spelling book, which includes the word they are learning. So, if there are ten words, they should write ten sentences to demonstrate understanding of each word and to provide further practice in its correct spelling.


Grammar: each week, there will be a sheet of mixed grammar and spelling questions. These will relate to the year 5 English Grammar curriculum objectives.


Reading: The children should continue to read at least four times per week. Please do ask the children questions about what they have read to support their comprehension skills. When they have read to an adult, please sign and date their reading diary. We have an excellent supply of reading books in class and access to the Upper Juniors Library, so there will be plenty of choice for all of the children.


Maths: each week the children will be given an arithmetic homework and a reasoning homework. The arithmetic sheet will always have the same format, but with different questions. The aim is to encourage fluency with number and give the children plenty of practice in using formal calculation methods, as well as mental arithmetic skills. The reasoning task will encourage mathematical thinking and give the children the opportunity to think about the maths they are learning in different contexts. Squared paper will be provided for working out. Please do look at and mark the arithmetic homework together with your child, so that you have a good idea of the level of demand at year 5. It is also really helpful when parents communicate with me about particular areas of arithmetic with which their child may be struggling.


Homework will be given out on a Monday or Tuesday and should be returned the following Monday. Once it has been marked, work will be returned to your child so that they can bring it home.


Mini project tasks: I have attached a set of project tasks linked to this term’s topics. These tasks are completely optional. I also do not expect the children to complete all of the tasks, but rather to choose some which interest them. These may be completed in their homework books and handed in at any point during the term.


This term’s topics:


History: The Romans in Britain

English: Recounts (letters/diaries); Narrative (in historical context); Poetry (harvest/Autumn theme)

Maths: Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Statistics

Science: Forces

RE: How can we make our village/town/county a more respectful place? Focus on tolerance and respect.

PSHE: through the Character Curriculum, children will focus on the ‘virtues’ of caring, helpfulness, cooperation and courage.

ICT: Coding through Purple Mash.

PE/Games: Handball

French: simple greetings and statements about themselves; learn to count; ask and answer simple questions.


Lastly, we are really looking forward to our trip to the DEWA Experience in Chester on Friday 22nd September. This should provide a fantastic stimulus for our English and history topics this term. If you have not already returned the reply slip for this trip, please could you do so as soon as possible, or let me know if a duplicate letter is needed.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,

Sarah-Jayne Kenyon