SEND Information

Children with Additional Needs

Some children have specific or additional needs - emotional, social, behavioural, medical or educational - which need additional support in school. Some will have moderate difficulties and need small group or individual support, which can be provided from resources within school. Others will be put onto the Special Needs Register because their needs cannot be met solely by the school.  This may mean accessing the services of outside agencies such as the local Multi Agency Team (MAT), Behaviour Support, Educational Psychology, the school nurse or doctor, various health agencies or social care.  In such cases, the school will work closely with these agencies on an individual education plan (IEP) or Learning Programme (MLP) to address the needs of the child.  For a very small minority of children, where their needs are severe, complex and ongoing, the school will apply for a statutory assessment and may be granted an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), which means that the school will receive some local authority funding to help it to meet the specific needs of the child identified on the plan. 

In all cases of special educational needs, school will work closely with parents, involving them in the processes and plans used to meet the needs of their child.   

Some children have additional needs because they are very able, gifted or especially talented.  It is just as important to ensure that these children have their needs met through appropriate challenge, extra provision and/or pastoral support where needed. Once a year, we ask parents to provide feedback to the school with regard to their child’s talents and interests outside of school.  We use this data to inform our planning.

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