School Closure

If it is necessary to close the school for any reason, e.g. snow, gas leak etc, the following action will be taken depending on the time when the decision to close is made.

Decision taken before 8.30am or the night before: You will receive a text message via Teachers2Parents.  It is important, therefore, that we have up-to-date contact information and that your phone is switched on.  Parents without mobile phones will receive a call on their landlines from a member of staff.

Decision taken between 8.30am – 9.00am: Pupils come into school as normal. If parents are with children they will be asked to stay in school until the register has been taken. Parents will then be asked to take their children home with them. Any unaccompanied children will be kept in school until their parents have been contacted and arrangements have been made for them to be collected.

Decision taken during the school day: Every effort will be made to contact you. You may wish to make arrangements for someone else to collect your child, or for you to collect someone else’s child, in which case please make these arrangements before you get to school. If you cannot be contacted, your child will always be kept at school until someone comes to collect them.

Tune into your local radio station or check online because they will be informed of any closures, and we will add the information to our website if closing for a longer period of time.  Closure information will also be available on the Derbyshire County Council website. Please see our policy on Emergency School Closure on our website.