School Uniform


Boys                                                                 Girls  

Navy/Red sweatshirt with logo                   Navy/Red sweatshirt/cardigan with logo           

Navy/Red fleece, if desired, with logo         Navy/Red fleece, if desired, with logo

White shirt/polo shirt                                   White shirt/polo shirt

Grey/black long trousers                             Grey/black long trousers

Grey/black shorts (not Lycra)                       Grey/black skirt/pinafore dress    

Grey/black socks                                           Blue/red/white gingham/striped dress

Black shoes**                                                 Grey/black/navy tights

Waterproofs                                                   White/grey/black/navy socks

                                                                         Black/navy shoes**


**Shoes and training shoes with Velcro fastenings are best until your child can easily tie their laces

PE Kit                   

On entry to school, children are put into one of our four houses:

-       Hedgehogs: Red

-       Squirrels: Blue

-       Robins: Green

-       Badgers: Yellow



Children are asked to wear a T-shirt for PE in the colour of their house.


Indoor:      Coloured round-necked T-shirt    Outdoor:        Coloured T-shirt

                      Black shorts                                                               Black Jogging Bottoms

                                                                                                           Black Sweatshirt




Other than the sweatshirt and book bag with the school logo, all items of school uniform can be found in most high street stores. Sweatshirts, fleeces, cardigans, polo shirts and caps bearing the school logo are available from ‘Headmasters’ in New Mills Market Hall, from Tesco Online: or from

All bags and items of clothing, other than underwear and socks, must be clearly labelled with your child’s name. PE Kit must be kept in drawstring bags, preferably with the name displayed on the outside. PE kit should be brought into school at the start of each half term and kept in school. It is sent home at the end of each half term for washing.

We ask that all children use a Hayfield School book bag. These hold postbags, reading books, homework folders and water bottles. No pencils, pens, crayons or pencil cases need to be brought into school, as any stationery that your child will need is provided in school.