All children at Hayfield School are expected to behave with respect, courtesy and thought for others.  The rules that we operate by in school have been agreed with the children. 

Ÿ  Always show good manners

Ÿ  Be kind and caring towards others

Ÿ  Care for our school - inside and out

Ÿ  Do as you are asked first time

We promote good behaviour and good work through a positive ethos, caring staff, appropriate praise and our very successful, whole school reward system.  If a child does not abide by the rules, then sanctions are imposed, which have also been agreed with the children. We have a Behaviour and Discipline Policy that covers bullying and exclusion, and a copy is available both on our website and from the School Office.  

Each term, we have a whole school behaviour target, e.g. ‘Say please and thank you with a smile’, or ‘Hold the door open for the person behind you.’