Our Aims

Hayfield Primary School 2016-17

Loving learning, loving life

Our School Vision

Our children will be happy, healthy and caring, with a positive attitude to learning and life. The school community will be respectful, resourceful and open-minded in all we do.  Children will be helped to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to reach their potential and make a positive contribution to society.

Our Mission Statement

We want every child to: 

  • be happy and secure, and to know how to keep themselves healthy and safe.
  • have good self-esteem, to develop a strong sense of self worth, with the resilience and confidence to achieve success, develop own interests, strengths and talents, and fulfil potential.
  • love learning, and experience a rich, vibrant, engaging curriculum, and become life-long, enthusiastic learners who ask questions to develop their thinking and a growth mindset.
  • make excellent progress across the curriculum, especially in English, Mathematics and Science, achieving the highest standards of competence of which they are capable.
  • be a good citizen, to develop a strong sense of community, citizenship and social awareness, with integrity and a good code of morals and ethics by which to lead their lives and set an example to others.
  • form positive relationships and to know how to be a good friend: be caring; share and take turns; have trust, tolerance and respect; be a good listener and empathise.


Our school curriculum, which will include the National Curriculum, will be driven by an emphasis on: 

The community

Working together with parents, friends, local schools and businesses to provide enriched and relevant learning experiences for all.

The environment

Having a good understanding of sustainability and environmental issues affecting our world; and showing care, respect and responsibility for the environment, both at local and global level.

Enterprise Education

Being creative, working well with others, developing leadership, using initiative, being positive, taking risks, solving problems, developing a ‘can do’ attitude and making links with the world of work.

Sports and the Arts

Having opportunities to experience a wide range of sports, music, art and drama, and to recognise and develop individual talents and interests.