Reception Summer Term Information

As always our Reception classroom is a very busy place. We love the buzz of busy children leading their play-based learning. This term we are including ‘Growing’ in our learning experiences. This will include: digging and planting; sharing The Very Hungry Caterpillar book; visiting our school pond to observe the changes there – especially with the frog spawn; look at how we grow – measure their heights and arm length (Asking the question: Does the tallest person have the longest arms?); healthy eating and exercise.


Mrs Bennett and I have discussed with the children about the next steps they need to take in their learning. It was great to observe them thinking it through and sharing their own thoughts. I would value being able to share these with you so do come and make an appointment as it is much better to share with your personally rather than through a letter home.


We will be having another cinema ‘evening’ when we will watch ‘Despicable Me 2’. I do not think you will be at all surprised that the children are rather excited about this!


I am wanting to plan some more adventures.  This time I would like to take the children off-site making use of the Sustainable Hayfield minibuses. More about this as I have some definite dates.