Year 1 Homework Challenges April 2016

There are six new challenges again this term to complement our learning in all areas of the curriculum. We will be sharing everyone’s work during week beginning Monday 23rd May, so you don’t need to bring anything into school until that week. 


  1. In English we are reading stories that      are set in Africa.  Find out some      facts or collect or draw some pictures of Africa that you can share with      us.


  1. In Maths we will be measuring time.      What do we use to measure time?  Make      a model of something that can measure time.  You can use junk modelling, lego, straws      – whatever you like.


  1. In Science we are looking for signs of      spring. Birds are making nests.  Can      you make a nest from natural materials that would hold some eggs safely?


  1. Also in Science we will be learning      about the different parts of plants.       Can you create a picture using plants?  Ideas might include a collage using      actual parts of plants or pictures of plants, printing with different      fruits or vegetables but you might have your own original idea!


  1. In Geography we are comparing Hayfield      with a village in Uganda.  Take a      photograph or draw a picture of your favourite place in Hayfield and write      a sentence about it.


  1. In Music we will be using the djembe      drums to make music.  Can you make a      drum or any other instrument?  Try      to be eco-friendly and re-use something!