Year 1 Space Week

We have really enjoyed ourselves this week, using the topic of space to explore many areas of the curriculum and develop our enterprise skills.  These are some of the things we have done:

  • Learnt the names of all the planets and some of their features, using books, songs and the internet. 
  • Made booklets with a page about each planet.
  • Investigated Mars in more detail, using paper plates to make Mars, watching film clips of some of the early ‘rovers’ sent to Mars and then designing and making our own ‘rovers’.
  • Programmed Bee-bots (pretending they were ‘Rovers’ sent to explore Mars).
  • Made and eaten Mars Bar cake (to decide if it was suitable food to take to Mars!), with the extra challenge of working out how to cut the cake into 19 equal sized pieces.
  • Used ordinal numbers to describe the order of each planet in terms of their distance from the sun.
  • Followed the language of position to place astronauts and aliens.
  • Used Lego and 3D shapes to build rockets and drawn rockets using 2D shapes.
  • Written instructions to help the Man on the Moon get to work and poems about the planets with children from Year 4.
  • Made moving astronauts with split pins and cardboard.