Year 4 Class - Introduction


Welcome to Year 4.


We are well established in the juniors now and our expectations have gone up even further. We are learning to work independently and think for ourselves, applying our learning and making decisions about how we do things.


As our reading begins to take off we can be more ambitious in our choice of reading materials and we can use our reading experiences as food for discussion, asking good questions and honing our own ideas. Our vocabulary is increasing, too, so we are able to express ourselves more clearly and this is having an effect on our writing.


Our maths lessons are becoming more challenging as we apply our previous learning to new contexts and problems.


Our topics this year are ‘Ancient Egypt’, ‘The Ancient Greeks’ and ‘Electricity’, all hugely interesting and exciting and providing us with opportunities to address all areas of the curriculum, but, in particular, enterprise, science, geography and history.


We are really fortunate to be able to access ‘Wider Options’ music teachers who are teaching us how to play various instruments.


Enterprise in year four is key and we have, so far this year, used its skills in selling our very own DVDs; creating our own drama performances; reading aloud our work in assembly and there will be plenty more to come in the year ahead.


If you want to see us in action why don’t you pop in?