About Us

A warm welcome to Hayfield Primary school! Hayfield is a picturesque village that lies at the foot of Kinder Scout in the Derbyshire Peak District. Our lovely school is situated to the west of the village centre and caters for children, aged 4-11, who live in the village and surrounding area. We are an integral part of the community in this vibrant village and our children enjoy taking part in many community events such as Apple Day and The May Queen festival.

At Hayfield we seek to provide an inclusive, supportive and excellent school community, where all children can achieve their potential in a safe, happy and healthy environment. We are proud to be an Enterprise school and as such we help our children to make a positive contribution to society and learn to achieve economic well-being as they grow up.

Our ever-evolving curriculum places an emphasis on teaching children to think creatively, to ask questions, to collaborate, to generate their own ideas, to problem solve and to look for alternative innovative outcomes. We place an emphasis on teaching key skills and ensure we plan lots of creative opportunities within each topic, e.g. drama, role play, hands-on activities, outdoor learning, philosophy lessons, use of ICT, child-initiated learning, plenty of educational visits and creative partners working with the children in school.

Mr Papadopoulos

Head Teacher